You Have to Watch This Movie is a podcast hosted by Tony Rodriguez and Drew Mackie. Each week, they ask the people they love to tell them about the movies they love. Say you were dating someone new or made a new friend. Is there a single movie that, if this person said they hadn’t seen it, would elicit the response, “Oh, you have to watch this movie”? That one singular movie — the one you’ve watched again and again — is what this podcast is about. 

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5: Joan Ford Loves Gremlins 2: The New Batch

he sequel to the 1984 hit Gremlins didn’t recapture the success of the original, but Joan Ford — comedian, actress and Emmy-nominated writer — makes the case that the second outing is bigger, weirder and maybe also more relevant to certain trans narratives. Also, Phoebe Cates, come back. The world needs you more than ever.


4: Spencer Alcorn Loves The Last of Sheila

If trapped on a boat, wouldn’t you murder someone? A game of high bitchery and turns deadly in 1973’s The Last of Sheila in a plot that plays out exactly how you’d expect of a plot written by Anthony Perkins and Stephen Sondheim. Movie person and noted ex-boyfriend Spencer Alcorn joins Tony and Drew to talk Dyan Cannon, Raquel Welch and James Coburn.


3: Tess Paras Loves Billy Jack

A 1971 indie feature that taught the nation to cheer for a man who kicks racists in their faces, Billy Jack is the cinematic lovechild of its stars, Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. It's A LOT, but actress Tess Paras joins Drew and Tony to talk about how this film has its heart in the right place and might be more relevant to life in 2018 than you realize.


2: Katherine Spiers Loves Strictly Ballroom

Meet Katherine Spiers, food journalist and host of the podcast Smart Mouth. She grew up watching movies with a high camp sensibility, Baz Luhrmann’s 1992 cult hit Strictly Ballroom being foremost among them. In this episode, Katherine joins Tony and Drew to talk about star Paul Mercurio’s shining moment in the Hollywood limelight, the towering wonder that is Tina Sparkle and how “Time After Time” is one of the most moving pop songs ever.


Episode 1: Tony Rodriguez Likes Big Business

Comedian and actor Tony Rodriguez grew up adoring funny women on screen, and though this 1988 Bette Midler-Lily Tomlin comedy performed well at the box office, he's found too often that it's an iconic '80s film that many haven't seen. It's the first-ever episode of You Have to Watch This Movie! Marvel as you hear its origin story!


Trailer: You Have to Watch This Movie

Hosts Tony Rodriguez and Drew Mackie explain their new podcast, You Have to Watch This Movie, and what will be in store for the show's first season. Of course, if you're reading this text now, you probably already know about the show. That's neat!