About the show


Once upon a time, Drew Mackie hadn’t seen the 1988 Bette Midler-Lily Tomlin movie Big Business. Though he grew up loving any comedy with a female lead, this one had somehow slipped by him well into adulthood. And when Tony Rodriguez heard that Drew had failed to see this movie that would hit every right note for him, he responded with something like, “Oh, you have to watch this movie.” Or something like that. Anyway, it’s that sort of response that gave rise to this podcast.

Drew and Tony used to date, and while they dated and ever since then, they’ve been trying to help eliminate each other’s cinematic blind spots. That’s what you do when you love movies and use movies to make sense of yourself. You say, “Yeah, actually, seeing this movie will actually help explain me a little bit.”

On this show, the hosts help to bring a diverse group of guests into the studio to talk about the movies that have moved them most.  The You Have to Watch This Movie logo was designed by Jeff Hinchee, who is awesome. (You can see a large-scale version of the logo here.)


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About the hosts


Drew Mackie a stay-at-home journalist who used to write for newspapers and once interviewed Carol Burnett. Growing up, he watched a lot of old movies and TV shows, building an appreciation for the pop culture of decades past. He has a dog, Thurman, and also a mustache, which is not yet named. He is a co-founder of TableCakes productions, alongside owner Katherine Spiers. He also hosts Gayest Episode Ever (a TV podcast) and Singing Mountain (a video game music podcast).

Tony Rodriguez is a longtime performer of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in New York and Los Angeles and has written for and performed in the CBS Diversity Showcase. He is currently a co-host and co-producer of UCB L.A.'s monthly Latinx variety show, Spanish Aquí Presents. His screen credits include Late Late Night with James Corden, Playing House, Adam Ruins Everything and a million Funny or Die videos.


About TableCakes Productions


You Have to Watch This Movie is a Tablecakes Productions podcast. Tablecakes is a woman-owned, Los Angeles-based company that seeks to help develop new voices for the podcasting world. For more information and to learn about other Tablecakes podcasts, visit the company’s website. And to support You Have to Watch This Movie and other Tablecakes podcasts, visit the company’s Patreon page.